The Bump Fairy, like the Tooth Fairy, only better!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby update

We are back at St. Vincents after our monitoring today. Baby scored a 4 out of 8 on the biophysical and our doppler was up to 4.6. Baby scored low on the biophysical because during the ultrasound we did not see baby moves its hands and feet enough and it did not practice breathing. Right now we are hooked up to the monitor and heart beat is in the 140s and has been steady for a couple of hours. I should be able to eat tonight but not after midnight. We have another ultrasound at 7:30 in the morning. If numbers are okay then we will probably be on bed rest. If not, then we are probably having a c-section this weekend. Baby will be 32 weeks on Sunday.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

23 weeks

Baby is 23 weeks old today and moving a lot! The sweetest thing happened the other day. The family called and soon as we started talking baby kept moving around. I think baby was excited to that mom and dad called so say hi and see how baby was doing.
It was wonderful to see the couple a few weeks ago for the ultrasound. Baby is perfect and growing well. They do not want to know what they are having so...we will have a wonderful surprise on babies birthday.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I am restarting my blog. I shut it down the day I started it. The family I am working with asked me not to until more time passed. We are now 18 weeks and I think we are safe. Since my last blog things have been pretty uneventful. The family will be coming to Toledo on July 19th for an ultrasound. I suggested they stay at the Hilton Garden Inn at Levis Commons which is less than a mile away from my OB. They will be meeting my family for the first time and we will all be going out to dinner. They want to see Toledo and go to dinner. Not sure where to take them.

I don't think they are going to find out what they are having, everything to this point has been so planned. Finding out the gender at delivery will be the only surprise they have an opportunity to have! I think it is a girl.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Today is the first day of my blog. A lot has already happened before today and our visit from the Bump Fairy. It first began as a relationship with an agency that matches gestational carriers with intended parents. My husband, Toby, and I had what I consider a necessary and lengthy screening process to ensure we would be good match and I would be a healthy carrier. We had an immediate response and found the intended parents we would be helping.
We began by preparing my body in the beginning of March 2010, for the transfer of their embryos. I took various medications to prepare my body including progesterone injections. My dearest friend Katie, a nurse, gave me my first injection and I didn't feel a thing. My neighbor Holly, also a nurse, trained Toby on how to give the injections which he gives daily. Corinne, our daughter, witnessed Toby giving me my injection one day. She put up her hand and yelled, "No Daddy" and she started crying. We explained that the shot is Mommy's medicine and now she doesn't bat an eye when she sees him giving me my injection.

On March 18 my sister, Georgianna, and I traveled to N.Y.C. to meet face to face the couple we were working with. (Toby didn't come because we didn't want our children, Corinne and Seamus to feel abondend by us). I felt connected to the couple right away and we enjoyed an evening together before the transfer. The next day, the fertility Dr. implanted three embryos. I spent the weekend in bed as I was instructed to and returned home March 21.

We had a positive pregnancy test March 31! . Yesterday, April 8, was our first ultrasound which shows one implantation! I will continue my routine of lab work on Mondays and Thursdays to make sure I am still pregnant and my levels are still.

It is unusual for me to have to be monitored so closely. Prior to this, I was pregnant twice, had routine pregnancies and two healthy babies. This is a completely different pregnancy. I used to think that if we are pregnant then we are having a baby. In the last couple days, I have learned that every day I am pregnant is one day closer to having baby but does not necessarily mean we will have a baby. I am hoping that my visit from the Bump Fairy works!